Monday, July 22, 2013

How to renew your Philippine passport in Riyadh

  • Photocopy the first page of your old passport, the page where all your personal details are noted.  Make sure to have a printer/scanner nearby to make things easier.

  • Download and print the application form here.  You can also get a copy at the embassy but to make things speedy, have it ready and filled up beforehand. This is a copy of the form that you have to fill up.  Double check everything.

Please provide information and do not leave any space blank.                                                          NOT FOR SALE
Last Name

First Name
Pangalan (Jr./II/III)

Middle Name
Gitnang Pangalan

Place of Birth
Pook ng Kapanganakan

Date of Birth             Araw ng Kapanganakan
Gender / Kasarian

          Male / Lalake

          Female / Babae





Civil Status            Single                     Married                  Widow/Widower              Legally Separated               Annulled
Name of Husband or


First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Complete Address in KSA

Telephone No.

Present Occupation

Mobile No.

Work Address

Email Address

Telephone No.

Name of Father
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name


Maiden / Single
Name of Mother
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name


Citizenship acquired by


        Birth                          Election




         Marriage               RA9225             Naturalization
         Others (specify)
   Purpose of Travel:





          Tour                 Work           Business          Migration          Study


          Seaman            Others (specify):


Are you a holder of a Philippine Passport?         Yes         No
If Yes, latest Passport No.__________________________
Date and Place of Issue ____________________________


Are you a holder of a Foreign Passport?               Yes         No
If Yes, from what country ______________________________
TRAVEL (for applicants below 18 years old ONLY)
This serves as an AFFIDAVIT OF LOSS
Name of Minor’s Travelling Companion
Lost passport number

Issued on

Issued to


Date Lost

Address / Tel No.

Lost due to

Signature of Parent
Or Legal Guardian

Signature of Parent
Or Legal Guardian

I DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR that: 1) I am a Filipino citizen. 2.) The information I provided in this application is true and correct. 3) The supporting documents I have attached are authentic. 4) I have not been issued a passport under any other name. 5) I am aware that under the law, I am allowed to hold only one passport at any given time. 6)  I am aware that making false statements in this passport application and furnishing falsified or forged documents in support of this application are punishable by law.                       SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT  

  • Book an appointment online.  There is no other way, one cannot just waltz into the gates of Mordor ahem, I mean the embassy.  Book ahead of time preferably 4-6 months before your expiry date as the slots fill up real quick. Choose the appropriate date and time and  make sure to register with a working email address.  Book here

  • Check your inbox for the confirmation email and print it.  It will contain your appointment date and time.  Keep it somewhere safe along with the photocopy of your passport's data page.


Your appointment is coming up!
Dear ************
This is to remind you that your appointment with Passports Renewal for Passport Renewal in Riyadh (Encoder 1) is scheduled for Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 10:55 AM AST.
To cancel your appointment before the scheduled time, please click here

  • On the date of your booked appointment, please arrive at least 15-30 minutes of your schedule as you have to fight your way to the gate and show your printed appointment confirmation email as well as your old passport to the personnel hiding underneath the humongous beach umbrellas at the gate.

  • After fighting your way in (Note that they do not allow other individuals only the applicants), proceed to Window 1 located at the end of a small corridor to your right as you enter the giant wooden doors of the embassy.  Present your application form, passport and its photocopy.  Answer the questions and scrutinize the data being entered into the computer, the monitor is partly facing you anyway.

  • They will also take a picture right after and I assure you no matter how amazing you think you look, nothing can save your face from melting underneath the Saudi sun so do not expect glamour shots.  They will ask you to write your signature on a small tablet and have your fingerprints taken digitally as well.

  • They will print everything and ask you to recheck all the details entered.  Read carefully.  

  • Afterwards they will ask you to go to Window 6 if I am not mistaken which is back where you came from near the vending machine.  You will then pay the cashier SR250 (I forgot the exact amount) for the e-passport.

  • They will advice you to visit the website to check for your passport's release, about 1 month turnaround time since the passport will still hail from the Philippines.  You can check here.

  • My advice?  Use the search fields to find your name as the list is long.

  • I just found out that my passport was released last July 16, I applied last June 30.  I will update this post once I get my passport.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Modern Slave.

Well, well, well.
Kain, tulog, work lang ang
buhay dito.

Naging bobo ako dito.
Bumalik sa pre-school
ang level ng Ingles
at nawala na din ata ang
lahat ng napagaralan ko.

Natuto na ako magmura
ng harap-harapan.
Magdabog ng walang pakialam.
At nawala na ng tuluyan ang aking pasensiya.

Ibang klase ang buhay dito.
Kapalit ng sweldo mo talaga
ang halos na nakaluhod na
pagsilbi sa mga nilalang dito.

Hindi ko sila matawag na tao.
Beings oo pero hindi sila sentient.

Manhid sila, hindi kami tao sa kanila.
Siguro nga aso ang tingin nila sa amin,
kapareho lang ng tingin namin sa kanila.

11 kaming dumating dito.
Yung isa napauwi ng mas maaga,
the rest hindi na magrerecontract
at ako na lang ang matitira
dahil aminado ako...

desperado ako sa pera.

Walang pera sa Pilipinas
at wala din akong makukuhang
certificate sa Pilipinas.

Yung 3 taong pagvolunteer ko.
Hindi ko magagamit, bale wala.
Nagamit din lang ako.

Thankful na din in a way kasi
dahil sa pagvolunteer na iyon.
Naandito na ako.

Maganda lang ang accomodation namin
kasi mga puti ang dating nakatira dito.
Maayos siguro ito dati kasi nga
Westeners ang nagsimula ng lahat,
pero ng umalis na sila.
Wala na, bumalik sa pagiging
primitibo ang lahat.

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