Friday, December 28, 2007

Comento 1

July 15, 2005

comento 1

ill try to review books/literature that ive read

first on my bedside list is...

TIME magazine

a weekly news magazine that keeps me informed of

all the crap thats happening on our side of the planet

-- meaning the 3rd world -- asia edition

lately our own president has been the cover .

a photo of her video speech in which she admitted --

tadaah -- nothing!!! though she did admit that she talked to a "certain comelec official"

she did say she was sorry for this lapse of judgement

its a admit is not the solution...

its not the be-all-end-all solution for the issue!!!!

i say we should get on with our lives

politics in the philippines is a farce!

when my mom calls to check up on me, she would

always ask - "kamusta na diyan?"

i would say "eto para pa ring peria" (its still like a carnival)

too much talk, too much the end nobody wins.

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