Friday, December 28, 2007

It sucks 2

i have just tried installing rose online
and it sucks
or maybe i suck
because i cant install the damn thing

actually i did install the damn thing
i even connected to the net
for the games sake

but instead of letting me register in peace
all it did was download patches
damn you installer, you made my night
a living hell.

they should release softwares
in their finished consumer-friendly form
not in their beta or whatever greek alphabet
version theyre currently repairing right now

i curse you to an eternity in my
recycle bin
until ive found some use for you

oh yes it was free, so somehow the service
should comensurate to its value
which is CRAP, heck its more than crap now
its utterly useless...

a lesson to freeware addicts like me
STOP! freeware is usually CRAPware
youre better off paying
than getting it for free
and destroying both your computer
and your mind simultaneously

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