Monday, January 7, 2008

Fitting in your planner

Remember when we were teens
those are the years most precious to me
i long for the days when we could still play
like elementary kids on the school grounds
playing tag or even pretending we were vampires.

i miss fridays the most
mcdonalds was the place to be
with 3o pesos in hand plus your friends
it was bliss.

i miss the old you
always there armed with the latest gossip
writing letters to each other
like were planets away,
picking the best stationery and the most
colorful stickers, hand-carrying them to my home

i still keep them
i still treasure you

i still read them
i still smile

money revolved around our allowances
how could we have known
that in todays greedy world
we would become slaves of the economy

i remember
struggling against our curfews
we stretched precious seconds
into lifetimes of companionship
it was worth the scolding

free rebels,
all teens are
they feel like they carry the weight of the world
on their shoulders and feel its pain and its permutation
of emotions on their young hearts.
(Now we only have pretentious emos;
slash-slash-i dont -want-to-see-the-cruel-world-
and try-to-look-cool-while-im-at-it-blood-
blood-sing-me-a mushy-song-while-i-make-my-washed-

free rebels
we were once
and now we have moved on

experiencing our "firsts"
losing friends
exploring our own identities
battling crazy reality

we never could wait to grow up
i am disappointed now
adulthood is like a cold, hard slap in the face

we've become
everybody is
i rarely see you
i barely fit in your sked planner.

drifting . . .

. . .apart?

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