Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I hate

There are so many things that irk me nowadays
Maybe because i am already an adult
and stuff that i thought then was funny
has lost its entertainment value as i grew
older and more cynical.

  1. Men who pee in public. They should be shot facing the last thing they ever will see - the magnificent wall they have defaced. And oh, their thingies should be cut off too as an example for future wall vandalizers, applies to small kids too.
  2. People who spit in public. Isn't it disgusting enough that i have to face these unhygienic people but also their body fluids? I have seen all kinds of secretions/excretions but vomit and phlegm are the ones that i really avoid. Remarkably, these are the fluids that resemble food - oysters for phlegm and undigested hotdog with rice for vomit (or whatever your last meal was). I want these people to lick every secretion they find on the street, and i do not care if that is not their own. Desecrating the road on which other people walk upon just so that you could relieve yourself sans tissue is no excuse for acting like a pig.
  3. People who chew with their mouths open. I only expect to see this behavior on orphans or individuals brought up by animals since i am assuming that most parents teach their kids proper table manners. If castigating them in public doesn't work then a heavier punishment should put them off eating this way. Let them chew stones and give them no water, if boulders can be found have them gnaw on that too. Lets us see how they chew with no teeth to eat with.
These are the top three things i check out when meting somebody new. If they cant follow simple rules then something is definitely wrong with them. Though i do have some other peeves that i would list here someday, and get jailed for in case i get fed up take the law in my hands and dole out punishments.

If you have any peeves leave a comment!


  1. that's the way it is..ajejeje

    salamatsapagdaansaakingmahiwagangportal. ;)



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