Friday, January 4, 2008


November 15, 2007


w0rking f0r a callcenter has its perks:
subsidized f00d - nfa rice (c0urtesy 0f patrick)
alm0st free c0ffee - 0r mil0 (my preference)
freebies - h0urglass timer, mug, etc
paper - useless crap
m0ney - 30% night diff
friends - g00d c0mpany
bathr00m - clean & well-maintained
facilities - alm0st h0tel like
but im still unhappy
n0t sad
just unhappy
the acc0unt is n0t f0r me
n0r is handling calls f0r that matter
im just n0t a pe0ple pers0n c0nsidering
im a nurse and all
but w0rking the ph0ne lines
talking t0 faceless individuals
is just t00 much
my nerves have never been rattled as much
taking b0ard exams and d0ing an embassy interview
is far easier than what i am d0ing
i stare at the screen f0r minutes that feels like days t0 me
my hands turn ice c0ld
my f00t twitches
me eyes burn the deskt0p with dread
and when the avaya rings
my heart literally jumps 0ut 0f my chest cavity
the next w0rst part is
being screamed at by pe0ple wh0 d0nt a m0lecule
ab0ut c0mputers - these pe0ple deserve death
but since technically they pay us by being idi0ts
we can really d0 anything ab0ut it.
i miss nursing
and because i have c0me t0 realize and accept
that i am an intr0vert
there are s0me things i have t0 w0rk ar0und with.
i just want it t0 end

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