Monday, November 24, 2008


The world is round.
What goes around comes around.
Taken by staff room window
one early chilly morning
just as the sun was waking
up as well.

I was on graveyard duty
with Kerr with nothing
else to do but notice
the beauty that nature
has surrounded me with.

On a darker note,
our sked has been reshuffled,
Kerr has been transferred.
It seems that all the changes
with the shuffles are made
to coincide with our shift's
(Ron & I) sked.

Yesterday, 7-3,
twas the heavyweights shift
literally, as everbody
(me, shiya and ron) are huge.

What's worse is I just
noticed that my arms
look like paddles,
I think I ought to
emulate Kuya Embheng
and do a 1 meal/day routine
and that meal will be chiefly
liquid based with loads
of veggies and fruits.

How about the gym?
I know slimming down
thru exercise is way better,
but I want to exercise in peace
and not be chatted throughout
the routine and stared at.

Oh well, hope that everything
is smooth sailing come Thursday.
Rumors have been floated as
to why and who were shuffled.


  1. household chores, they do wonders...

  2. Mel:

    Wag! Ide rather do paper work na gabundok than be domesticated huhuhu


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