Thursday, May 28, 2009


we've temporarily adopted a kitten,
pure white with blue eyes
cute, noisy monster of an animal.

we've put a leash on him
to stop him jumping on our laps
when were tinkering at the pc
and to also to stop it
jumping on our faces when we are
sleeping on the sofa
lovely noisy monster of a cat.

but cats have lives of their own
you are not its master you
are its slave,
when the kitten poops
we follow
when it meows
we cuddle
when it claws the sofa
i give the kitten its
imported catnip infused toy
amazing noisy demon cat.

i think we have to take it back
to its owner.
cats are too much responsibility for me.
unlike my hamster
who would not mind
if i died just as long as he is fed
and cleaned and kept safe
from the cat.

i'll miss the kitten definitely...


  1. hahaha. pareho tayo, masyadong high maintainance ang mga pusa at aso...

    ako , fish na lang!

  2. aaargh pag-uwi ko andito pa yung miming.
    na-attach na ata yung isa sa kanya baka pati ako mahawa.


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