Tuesday, June 9, 2009


i need to get my brows done

they look like dried weeds
growing out of hell's garden.

i was born brow-disabled.
one of my eyebrows
wishes to live in Antarctica
and the other want to go
north and swim in the arctic ocean.

did i mention that they look
like the nike logo upside down
and one of them is thinner,
3 hairbreadths thin,
which makes it
difficult for my parloristang jading
to make them symmetrical.

i think brows are important,
they frame the eyes!
if they are left unkempt
they grow everywhere;
including your own nostrils.

but look at susan boyle's
pre-makeover bushy brows,
they just give character to
that woman!

i want my brows to have character!
ill have them shaved tomorrow.


  1. nice blog and have lots of stuff here.....

  2. wow. haha. pwede din palang i-apply ang vanity sa brows. haha.


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