Thursday, August 6, 2009


The next thing you
think about after a
loved one's death
is your own and the
legacy you will leave behind.

For us commoners
not gifted with nobility,
treasures, popularity, notoriety,
and a chance-taken for
their own 15 minutes of fame,
we only have our memories
as legacies.

But alas,
with each generation that
passes so will the
the memories of our
minuscule existence disappear
into oblivion.

Memories are mere
electro-chemical sparks in
our brain cells anyway,
not unless your legacy
has been carried on into folklore
or mythology will anybody know
and care for your existence.

So i want to be an early bird,
and make this blog my memory,
that once on this earth,
in a blink of the universe's second
i existed...

I may not be able to do
or have done (past?) anything
earth shattering or magnificently
i may not have laid my life for others
or devoted its entirety to worship
or to scholarly woes


in my own little way,
this little speck that is me
was once/is part of the
greater community of humanity.

i stood witness
to greatness and have partaken
in its lows as well.

An apathetic participant,
a living contradiction.

I hope the webmasters
don't delete my blog too
early but as you can see
my only legacy is my lifestory...


  1. Amen to that!! well said! i love this post! mabuhay ka!

  2. apir! pag namatay na tayong lahat ito lang ang makakapag patunay na nagexist tayo. ang mahiwagang blog! hehe..

  3. naiyak ako dito. ahehe! aymisyu gerl!

  4. gesmunds:

    salamat! o basta ha, nagpapatunay ka na nag-eexist ako.


    salamat sa blog/journal/all forms of literature - formal or informal! amen! weeee!

    1st time ka atang nagcomment dito sino ka? chet?
    chet? basilio? crispiness crispin?
    i miss you mama chet!!!!!!

  5. Memories are mere
    electro-chemical sparks in
    our brain cells anyway

    okay, perfect. ini-spoil mo ang pagffantasize ko about the existence of our memories.haha.


  6. dedpish:

    yun ang empirical observation patungkol sa mga memories, you can define it whatever sa metaphysical world!

    tara sa alapaap ng metaphysical chair! wahahahaha.

  7. aaaargh. enough of Greek. haha.

    i remember Jimmy Neutron. wtf., :P

    sige, tara. whatever you say.

  8. you will be definitely remembered... antagal na nating blogmates. you were one of the first reader and i happen to be an avid reader of yours! cheers!

  9. thanks for this post... nice one...

  10. wandering c!

    kaw ata ang lagi kong hinahanap sa bloroll ko palagi, stalker mo ako mwahahahahaha.


    lumabas ata ang psot nato dahil sa hindi ako mag-aanak hahahaha. yun ang legacy ng karamihan sa genepool kaya pati mga salot at iba pang abnoy nagsasama-sama hahahaha.

    mang tomas!

    salamat! teka sawsawan kita kahapon sa mga fishball ko! nagsasalita ka! waaaah!

  11. have you read 'the brief history of the dead' by kevin brockmeier? it touches on this topic of memories.

  12. sana di maalis sa net tong online diaries natin...

  13. plaridel!

    unfortunately im not into obscure authors hahaha joke; hindi ko pa nababasa yan. Bill bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything pa lang nababasa ko.

    Kris Jasper!!!

    OMG! I worship you!
    * kneels and venerates Kris Jasper's pic!


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