Friday, September 18, 2009

Weak Lung

Ive never gone 3 months
without having a cold, flu,
cough, sore throat or the sniffles.

My Mama has noticed its
recurrence during this year
and has recommended that
I boost my immune system
with supplements and more
Vitamin C.

I think its just my body
saying that i am way too stressed
I keep most of my issues/turmoils
to myself.

I want a change of scenery.
of lifestyle
of my life philosophy (it needs updating)
but I am clueless as to how
to make it happen.

Its not like way back in
highschool wherein I could just
switch off, stay back in the shadows
and switch back again, mingling with
everybody like nothing happened.

Why is adulthood so hard?

i want to be reincarnated in an era
where time travel is possible.

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