Saturday, October 10, 2009

Missing you already

My friend is leaving for the UK
come Tuesday early morn.

I think he spent 600k in pesos
and 2k (dollars) plus some more
for a new laptop just to haul his
ass off the country.

I helped him make a new resume
yesterday and it made me think
- can this guy really make it alone?
He is asking me to help make his
own damn resume !?
Resume samples can be easily googled
for heaven's sake.

Anyway, i played the dear friend role
nicely, he is probably a nervous wreck
right now and traveling alone to a new
country can make the child-wimp inside
everyone of us mature lightspeed into a grown
burly gladiator.

Nothing snaps you into reality better than a
sudden realization you have to do everything
by yourself - chores, money, whoring etc.

Welcome to adulthood baby!

He cried as he left my home,
i gave a him a goodbye hug and wished
him all the best, friend ko pa rin siya e.
i will miss him sorely.

I gave him a tourists map of london,
i got it for a pound in a vendo machine
at a bus station when i was at my moms.

Pity he wont be able to come to my
mini soiree/party of 4/get-together tomorrow.
Di sya aabot e, much as he pleaded to have it
moved today, i cant kasi my other friends have already
committed tomorrow at nagpasked pa sila,
awkward naman kung bibiglain ko.

To you friend:
we will miss you
after several months
we will move on.

if i see you
we will rekindle anew
just like you never left at all...hopefully.

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