Thursday, October 29, 2009


Realization strikes out of nowhere.

i am a selfish bitch,

ayokong magpahiram ng
for fear of them not being returned
and partly because every single thing
in my house, even the dust bunnies,
have sentimental value.

and most of the time like
60-80% some of my things
are never returned, especially
if they were borrowed by my relatives
and my second grade copy cat
social butterfly pseudo-friends.

i borrow too pero mostly from
my close trusted friends, although
guilty din ako kasi minsan nalilimutan
ko din magsoli on time but come to think of
it madalas din sila sa house so i think
of it as safekeeping hehehehe.

madami pa akong kaartehan sa buhay
pero gusto kong magbago,
i want to organize my stuff,
throw away all the "excess baggage"
i have around para wala ng hang-ups
para new beginning at swertehin
naman ako sa buhay ko.

this is why i cant have kids
because i really cant take care
of myself, mama ko pa ang bumubili
ng underwear ko at minsan hindi ko
pa siya naappreciate...

ang sama kong bata.

siguro naman itong coming
weekend may ma-accomplishment na ako
ng tama at matino.

hay, i miss watching the
Halloween special ng MGB
dati nakakapanghilakbot talaga;
wala naman akong makita sa youtube
na old videos.

i need change!
i want to make IT happen,
problem is
i dunno what IT means...


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