Tuesday, June 22, 2010


"I know that you think of me,
when you are alone
in the four corners of your house.
I still love you...
I still want you to be the one.
I want you to be mine."

He sent me this message awhile back.
Yes, I do think of him.
Every damn second!

My heart is like a dam:
pent-up emotions I reign in
with iron-hard resolution.

I try damn it!

I just keep myself busy.

Whereas before,
he was the domestic partner,
I now do everything.

I have rediscovered how it is
to launder my own clothes,
keep the house almost spic and span,
bond with the cat.

I remember him,
his scent,
his laughter,
his very being,
especially now that I am alone in this house.

Before he left I told him...
'We woudn't be like this
if you did not go about womanizing."

He replied with a
head-bowed-down sorry
and cried...

I am lost now more than ever,
After almost eight years of being
together, I now have to fend for myself alone.

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