Thursday, October 21, 2010


Why the heck do some parents make
baptisms into money-generating events?
I have been asked to be a godparent
to a nephew which is fine, but
my mom insists that I shell out this ridiculous 
amount of money when I already bought a gift.

Made me remember a set of twins that 
I am a godparent to.
They insisted even when I said no, 
I do not really want to take on the burden of taking care of twins.

My mother's godchild even has a kid of her own
and yet she still comes over for Christmas.
Her mom even hinted that she should have some too.
It is really unbecoming, distasteful and greedy.
She is way older than me and my mom is not even here!

There was one godchild that I knew my mom appreciated,
she stopped coming over for Christmas when she turned 12
and they even gave my mom a bilao of puto as appreciation
the last time she came over.
What a nice gesture!

Not unlike some parasites I know!
Its not always about the money!
Its the promise of guardianship.

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