Monday, January 24, 2011


Here it is again,
just because I did a few nice things,
that does not grant them the right to manipulate
me to do more.

I logged in at my volunteer work early today
and everything was just disheveled - a disaster area.
I had to resort to picking up the garbage myself
and asking others to help me tidy the room, straighten out
the chairs and table because the students were already there.

Days before, they also asked me to prepare the handouts and
paraphernalia we were going to use.
I packed  and labelled 2 boxes worth of equipment.
One of the instructors even commented, why are you even doing
that, you are just an 'insert',( in short a 'temp') its not really
your responsibility.

Weeks before that I volunteered to create an 
MS Office automated form to make the filing of grades
easier for the other to fill in.
I volunteered to do that so whether they thank me or not 
I really could care less.

And now the 'boss' wants me to search for a laptop
 at this time of the night?
Its 9pm?! 
What the hell?!
Nobody in their right mind would lend me one.
Everybody would be on facebook.

I would rather do a white board presentation.
Really! I am no miracle worker.

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