Friday, February 11, 2011

Jejemon Harem

I live in a compound where I rent an apartment.
I have nice neighbors now lucky me.
Before, ughh, let us just not get into that.

Problem is one of neighbor's sibling is gay.
I have nothing against his sexual preference
but I harbor animosity towards his harem
of dancer-jeje-boylets who ALWAYS hang around
our compound.

Now I know everybody pays rent around here
and that everybody is entitled to have their visitors
and their day of noisy merry-making.

I am just not happy with them,
hanging around my window
(twice I caught one peeking inside)
nor having them call out their beloved gay
sponsor/manager in the middle of the night.
Or being more loud than my television set
or loitering on the walkway or littering on
my garden and space.

They skulk around, loitering in the compound
in the wee hours of the morning, leaving the
big garage gate open to thieves.

They cause more trouble and their cowards as well.
We live in a community of known drug addicts/pushers,
petty criminals and murderers.
These kids are not from around here, hence they are
considered as 'dayo' or outsiders.

One time they created such a ruckus, that the local
community yobs tried to get at them and all they did was
run back to the compound and pleaded with hubby to help them.

Hubby was also mad at them for instigating the fight in the first place
and said that it is their own fight and that they should ask
their gay benefactor/manager to intervene.
Serves them right as they are a haughty lot.

They believe that they are cool dancers,
with their emo blonde-bleached hair and their groovy moves.
But I have seen them practice and they suck - big time.

To top it off they practice near the church on the road,
they block 4/5 of the road and practice without music
just counting until late into the night.

I dont know if its pathetic or funny that nobody even
bothers to watch them practice.

Never has a month gone by that some of my neighbors
get frustrated by them that they are scolded to
hang out somewhere else.
I am not the type that goes out and blab my mouth off,
but I always slam my door when they get too noisy
or turn the volume on my telly way up to 50 so
that they would get the hint.

Now their gay manager is 40ish and these kids are still in
their teens; I know because I see their highschool uniforms when they cut
their classes so they could hang around for free meals
from their gay manager.

I  have an inkling that this is some sort of 'sexual grooming'.
This concept is passively accepted here since both parties benefit
in a gay relationship.
Money for love, the usual thing even if you are a minor.

We caught one of them once in the dark, me being blind at night,
could not see anything, hubby said that they were kissing in the dark.
Come on man! I have nothing against sexual preferences,
but taking advantage of kids?
That is just not right, even if the kid wanted it too, it should not be
free meals for kisses.
That is just lame.

Love is unconditional.

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