Friday, June 3, 2011

Pan de Manila

I dunno what is wrong with me
because i keep collecting stuff
even little trinkets like pamphlets and brochures.

When people hand 'em out on the street,
I do not hesitate to take one.
It takes guts to hand out leaflets in the streets
and by taking one i am making their job a
wee bit easier plus I get to read the literature.

So before i recycle them elsewhere,
i am scanning them and posting them here.

This one came from Pan de Manila a rustic themed bakeshop
in SM Rosario.  They have a limited line of baked goods
but they are all relatively affordable plus freshly oven baked.

The instant white chocolate drink is to die for.
My favorite is their cheesy ensaymada because they do not
skimp on the cheese although i think they are using margarine
nowadays in lieu of butter.

They have bottled buko juice there as well as different
types of rare spreads that i am tempted to buy some soon.

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