Friday, July 15, 2011

I am so fascinated by online retailing right now, especially in facebook,
I just tend to view the wonderful pictures of items that
the sellers have posted.
However, most of them just resell what ever item is popular
at the moment, like contact lens, ballers dresses, etc.
There is one facebook page I hang out in and
it turned into a forum.  Some pasts are quite nonsensical
but instead of lambasting and criticizing I just let it pass.
Sign I have indeed matured.
There are also lots of auctions ongoing some trustworthy,
some not so.  Scammers abound everywhere,
so it helps that you get to know the industry first before
dipping your fingers and cash in it.
This is the JRS-delivered package of a lot that I won in an auction online.
The shoe organizer and the water container.
Yes, it is supposedly the infamous and expensive
Vapur anti-bottle.  But trust me it is not.
Curious cat is at it again.
Leaving white fluffy hairballs on the items.

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