Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Proposed Terms

The details below are part of my job offer:

  • Staff Nurse 2 Rank (I think this is the entry level rank)
  • Housing accommodation is free as well as transportation
  • 49 days of vacation leave per contract (only the ticket from the vacation area back to the hospital will be shouldered, sad, I thought it was a round-trip ticket but I guess they just want to make sure that you come back from vacation on time)
  • Medical needs are fully covered
  • Basic salary is 3,481 riyals
  • 15% living allowance, that would be 582 riyals
  • Total supposed earnings is 4,003 riyals or $1,067.5 (1Saudian riyal is = 11 pesos) so my total take home pay should be around 44,000 pesos.
  • Work hours are 8 hours of duty, 6 days a week.  If we are required to do 12 hours worth of duty, the following day would be your 'off' day automatically.
  • There would also be a specialty bonus for those who are going to be assigned in special areas.
  • The contract is good for 2 years, if I am not mistaken.
I am quite happy with the job offer except for the airline ticket part, honestly I just want to get out of the country and be useful somewhere, anywhere!  As my mom said, now is the time to save.  I am just hoping that the magic age of 30 will bring me blessings for I am now only starting my career.  I am adamant that living independently abroad would teach me valuable fiscal skills because I am 'bulagsa' with money. :(

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