Sunday, August 14, 2011

Makeup Stash Trash

I rarely use makeup,
my stuff is garnering dust in a box.
I decided to throw the old thingies
and save or recycle the items I really want.

The long brown pencil case contains all my
eyeliners, around 10 of them, I use them in lieu
of eyeshadows because its a no-brainer
to apply, you do not need to have special skills
to use them, just don't poke your eyes!

The pink makeup kit, has my Loreal loose face powder,
which I replenished with a cheaper drug store brand
( I forgot which one sorry )
The gold tubes are mascaras, freebies courtesy of my mom,
as well as the multitude of lipgloss.

The little pots of No7 are my fave eyeshadows,
they are also freebies from my moms purchases.
The palette was a gift from my moms friend.
And when I received it via post, nakandadurog-durog
siya kaya I used alcohol to mend it, kaya
mukha siyang binaboy.

Sayang, ang ganda pa naman,
I tried to save most of it kaso 
ayun ang sagwa, naubos pa yung
pinakapaborito kong black eyeshadow huhuhu.
Even the lipgloss section was covered in eyeshadow huhuhu.

A closer look at my lipglosses,
I commonly use the lip and cheek tint from Bodyshop,
a magazine freebie and in fairness maganda siya
at handy yet uber expensive pag binili.
Kaya thanks mama, sa freebies!

Some of my eyeshadow pots,
the one in the roller tube is my fave,
costs P20 at sa 7-11, mga 5 years na ito sa akin hehehehe.
Yes, may Etude glitters din ako, 
mukhang sa 7-11 ko din ito nabili at sobrang luma na rin.

I dunno what the hell is happening at
patok na patok ang Korean makeup,
siguro nga dahil intended for Asian skin
kaso I have doubts with the
authenticity of products being sold online,
okay lang kung binili sa physical store e
kaso again mukhang made in China ulit yung iba
na naglipana online.

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