Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Organizing my Medicine Kit

Yes, I am a hoarder.
I collect junk.
Even if I need only one item.

I tend to buy two just for 
the what-if scenarios.
Like what if there was a zombie apocalypse 
and I had diarrhea and there was only 1 tablet left.

Stuff like that drive me crazy,
or maybe because I am crazy hahahaha.
Anyhow, I decided to organize my
medicine kit at home and in my bag.

This is my stash.

Organized my plasters into a handy container,
dating pantyliner container hehehehe.
Yung iba nilagay ko sa maliit na ziplock,
para sa bag.

Voila! Organized na !

My medicine kit at home and sa bag.
Bought the blue one somewhere, nakalimutan ko kung saan,
and the little ethnic woven pouch was
a gift from my friend.

Yes, OC ako sa gamot dahil bihira ako lumabas ng bahay,
di naman siya nae-expire dahila nagagamit din kaagad.
Common over-the-counter meds lang like,
tablets for sipon, ubo, fever, pain, kabag, lbm, antihistamine,
a pill or two of antibiotics, so in case of emergency meron on-hand.
(may penicillin allergy ako)

The pink pouch with the dog was sewn by my mom,
I put the plasters and the emergency meds inside,
along with some feminine sanitary products,
pop it into my bag and I am good to go.

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