Monday, September 5, 2011

Foot Spa

Because I was so embarrassed of walking
around the mall with my face fully made-up,
laden with tons of cosmetics and wearing
a skimpy short black dress that
I bought specifically from SM for their
plus size model contest,
I decided to treat myself to a foot spa.

Fortunately the Nail Files Salon
is right beside the shop where I had my mini pictorial.
The pictures were to be edited for around two hours,
ugh, so many pock marks, pimples and blemishes to be edited. hahahaha.

They used this bubble machine that massaged my soles,
I think a minty bubble soap would have made wonders 
and this is not really at all bubbly to me.
I think they were a bit stingy with the foam.

The lady attendant then dried my feet and applied
if I am not mistaken, salt crystals to scrub
on my legs and feet. 

Personally, I use a moisturizing sugar scrub my
mom sent me from her local Boots store.
After scrubbing the Boots brand leaves my skin
moisturized, the salt scrub they used is kinda left
my skin raw plus I used my epilator the day before
so I think that contributed to the overall raw feeling.

After cleaning the scrub particles the lady attendant
then used  a sole scrubber paddle to rid my plantar area 
of those persistent calluses.

The sand paper like texture of the paddle worked miracles
on my feet as they are fairly soft and smooth now.
The lady would assess my feet every now and then
to target those darn areas.

After my foot spa was the pedicure,
I requested that my nails be trimmed straight,
no fancy trimming on the sides to make it oval.
Plus only clear nail polish, no colors because 
nail polish is hard to maintain.

The foot spa session and pedicure was fun and
more of a once in a blue moon event
for me as I rarely do kikay stuff for myself.

I loved the fact that the lady attendant was able to remove all
of my calluses so I tipped her P100.  
I am that happy.

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