Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kitty Chronicles: Mirror Cat

Was playing around with my mobile phone's image editor.

Behold my cat.

Tinkered with the settings and had a good laugh
with the warp mode.

Then I discovered the mirror effect,
which splits the image in half and clones it.

Only faces with perfect symmetry would end up
still looking good.
I read years ago that Denzel Washington is one of those
blessed with a symmetrical face.

Apparently so is my cat.


  1. is that really a cat? it looks scary.

  2. i wonder why it's difficult to post comments here. have to try it several times before it works... :(

  3. My cat can read your mind hahaha he is messing with you.

    I'll tinker with the comment moderation settings and double check.


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