Saturday, September 10, 2011

Taong Grasa

I watched Paolo Bediones' documentary about
the patients incarcerated at the 
Cavite Mental Institution
(its name is different now but I forgot their new name).

I saw this guy again - the singing patient.
He is blind on one eye and mute as well.
He was ill-tempered because the local folks
would always taunt him.

He was a small man and he wore a large shirt,
which would reach till his knees, he would
also crisscross the road bare-footed.

He would always scream incoherently,
scaring most kids including me.
He loitered in the public market,
begging for alms in a cup.

Glad to know that finally he found a home,
with people who could understand him
and truly care for him.

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