Sunday, October 9, 2011

Faux Nails

I nail bite.
I just do.
My dear old Papa and I
have the same problem.

Unfortunately, he is long gone
so I can't ask him if he
subconsciously taught me how to do it.

It just happens,
I pick on my nails a lot.
lalo na kung may nail cutter.

I hate them as they do not
really have any concrete use.
I cannot even open a soda can.

I tried painting it with polish,
tried wearing gloves,
had someone slap me every time I pick on them.
Its all in the mind, basta wag ko lang
sila makita hindi ko sila kukutkutin. 

Wala talaga e.

Ang laki ko pa namang tao
tapos chubby and stubby fingers pa,
at pudpod pa ang kuko.

Kaya I tried this kahit mukhang mangkukulam.
gagaling din ito wag ko lang sila
makita at maalala.

Fake nails na mukhang abnoy hahahaha.


  1. Krishna - Riyadh has left a new comment on your post "Faux Nails":

    mas bet ko yata ang black. This Friday Ill paint my nails black nd yellow wala lang nagandahan lang ako sa combi

    -----Sorry sorry nadelete ko by mistake sa email, because of this stupid kuko.

  2. Yey black and yellow! Bubuyog mode!


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