Thursday, November 17, 2011

PRC Papers

My PRC Midwifery Board Exam Stub,
personal details where to be filled in with a pen.

This stub was part of a larger paper
wherein you had to write down
lots of dashes to enable the scanner
to read your details.

Mistakes are not allowed!
These thick papers have
serial numbers on them.

A mugshot is also pasted
on one corner, 
with a name tag!

Parang preso lang hahaha.

This is the official receipt that you are supposed to show
on the day of your exam, I think.
I have forgotten the details already.

One thing for sure is that you are
supposed to keep this paper.
Your name is written on the
receipt as well.

I am not sure if all the professions
charge the same flat rate.
Midwifery was P600 in 2005
and Nursing was P900 in 2007.

This was the Notice of Admission,
you have to bring this on your
scheduled examination dates because
the proctors must sign the slip
at the bottom.

The receipt's serial number is also
written on the upper left portion.
Your designated seat/room number
and school is also recorded.

You will not be able to 
take the exam without this 
blue NOA.

Our proctor then was a really
stern-looking old lady, very strict.
She was an official PRC personnel
as well so she was able to answer
all our queries.

When I took the Nursing board,
the public school teachers
were our proctors and 
they were not really trained well.

They kept on talking even 
when our exam was ongoing,
distracting kaya asus!

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