Saturday, February 25, 2012


moaningpresent participle of moan (Verb)
  1. Make a long, low sound expressing physical or mental suffering or sexual pleasure.
  2. (of a thing) Make a sound resembling this: "the foghorn moaned at intervals".

This is google's definition of moaning;
for more than two months now,
I have heard nothing but bitter
and tearful moans.

Though I moan too at times
especially when the workload
and the stress all pile up but unlike
most people I tend to keep most
of the frustration inside.

I prefer visualizing the rainbow at
the end of the rain shower or
the silver lining in the clouds.

Being positive helps especially
in our solitude.

We have nobody else to turn to
(aside from the guy upstairs who
hears our lamentations and ourselves).

Nakakahawa ang pessimism, at
oo, mahirap ang bawat araw dito
pero why don't we all just try
to cope and learn to move on.

Yes, there are days when I wish
I could wake up in my own bed
at home or never wake up at all
pero the reality is, this depressing
state is a sacrifice that we all
knew we would have to bear and surpass.

We made this decision
and so we must adjust.

Magaling ang Pinoy dito
kaya kakayanin natin ito.



A pen is mightier than a sword especially when sharpened

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