Friday, December 28, 2007

Real time lashingan and blogging

September 03, 2005

real time lashingan and blogging

Its 3 am

and my friends are sprawled

all over my living room.

One is on the sofa

debating whether or not to stand

up to get a glass of water

Another is lying on the floor

convincing herself to stand up

and brush her teeth.

And here i am, beginning

to rouse myself

from the alcoholic stupor

that i was/am in.


when im not as drunk as i want to be.

These people that im with are

stupid idiots.

person 3: im immutable!(is that a word?)

person 2: i inhaled laughing gas!

person 1: good gracious £$%! who are these people???!!!!

All night

weve been talking bout






sesame street,




Person 1: puro lasing kasama ko

Person 3: tagalan mo magsipilyo ha?

person 2: gay people, lesbian people blah blah

Person 3: lets brush brush... cough hack hack number?

Person 2: number seven

Person 3: letter g? add ka naman number...

Man, im so confused, do i still exist?

Are these people even human?

Am i still drunk...i know im just tipsy...

im just slow but coherent mwahahahaha.

this is real time blogging...

nice to get tipsy once in a while...

Person 2: tawag ako ni mayor (C.R. pupu)

Person 1: na naman mwahahahaha

Person 3: ano sabi sayo ni mayor?

Person 1 & 3: mwahahahahahaha

Person 3: psst hulaan kita

Person 2&3: mumble wimble seven times, top of deck blah

blah yadaah

Person 3: nawala lasing ko, sumama sa pagdura ko

Person 2: Spitzless!!!! ay!!

Person 3: ano ba 5 tapos 6!

LEADER OF THE BAND playing background song

Person 2&3: wow! si ann!!!!

Person 3: its depend!

Person 2: its dependot!!!

Person 3: question na answerable by yes or no

tapos knock three times

Person 2: tanong? matatanggal ba kamay ko dito?

Person 1: yun ang tanong mo?!!!


Person 3: Daniels dead

Person 2: waaa blah yada, eww, waaah!!!!

galing kain ako ng kain, hanap ako ni mayor.

ano na yan?

Person 3: (shuffling cards) problema sa pera

problema sa lalake, may nanliligaw b sayong matanda,

may nagkakainteres ba sayo?

siya ang lulutas ng problema

WALANG BIRO,,, mwahahahaha

Person 2: e ano sagot ko sa tanong ko kanina?!!!

Person 3: di sinagot ng baraha, walang kuwenta daw tanong mo!

Person 2: e tanong ko kung mapopromote ako sa trabaho???!!!!!

Person 3: di ba tanong mo kung mapuputol kamay mo????!!!!

****haaaayyy walang katapusan na gaguhan talaga

Person 2: pwede ba wag na yung matanda waaaah...

baka yung matandang yun ay si GAYZEE....i miss you GAYZEE, miss ko si meowsie...

eklat eklat...

Person 3: pathetic talaga

Person 2: i miss jumbles jumbles jumbles kaya mo ba to?(jumbo hotdog tune)

***WALANG KATAPUSAN na kulitan!!!! leche!!!! mwahahahaha.

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