Friday, January 4, 2008

Bloated bruised ego

December 02, 2006

Bloated bruised ego

Im not normal

thats pretty obvious

aside from my

weight problem

and my being a


in a coffee/choco-

colored world,

im just plain weird.

Its not that i like being different

i like whats different.

I do not always side with

the majority, i believe in

the plurality of opinions.

I act different because

i have the means to do so -

meaning, half the time im

just really irrational or

being inhabited by einstein's


What im getting at is this,

i can act irrationally



eeriely (spelling?)

because i have the guts

and the smarts to answer

for my behavior.

It has dawned on me,

just now, how other

people can be such

poor copycats.

I never intended to excell

at being weird,

success is very idiosyncratic,

you just cant use

the same formula.

So if i use a certain

piece of eyewear,

it will not make

you look cool.

I wear it for the heck of it,

not for aesthetics.

If you use a certain

program i recommended,

that wont mean shit.

I found the program,

not you, so i can just as

well download another

and ill be still miles ahead of you.

Open your eyes.

Free your mind.

Dont look to others

for salvation,

we are all the same equal beings.

Its just a question of

how you move in this earth.

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