Friday, January 4, 2008


February 25, 2007


I like hanging out with boys
although you can see me
fraternizing (sororitizing?)
with the girls sometimes
those are rare moments
which should be captured on film .

Girls see me as competition
I see them as competition.
Theres just no way around it
Its a bitch eat bitch world
out there.

Were just more devious
more evil than the weaker sex
Not that I cant compete with
the girls but its just more fun
to hang out with the "weaker" sex.

In the university all my friends
were male and they took care
of me, respected me, treated me
as one of the boys.
I was quite happy with their company.

Yes, I felt the need for male
romantic companionship sometimes
but not with them, they were friend material.
I looked elsewhere for the solution to
that need, mainly i chatted thru text.

And here i am surrounded still by boys
but now im their ate
im still happy
ive got joijoi now.

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