Friday, January 4, 2008

Come Down from the Cloud

December 13, 2006

Come Down from the Cloud

Presently listening to
an acoustic version of Comedown
by Bush.
The lyrics always strike me
every single time
"I dont wanna come back down from this cloud"

There are times when a person is so enveloped
by bliss, happiness, joy - in utter perfection
that they can go no higher than Buddha's nirvana.

Its more than a state, its more than a choice
Its something unexplainable.

Its more than the twinkle in the eye
More than a heart skipping a beat
Even more than holding your breath
to behold and experience the source
of one's ecstasy.

Its like catching the wind
with your bare hands
Feeling the rushing air course
through your cupped hands
The inevitability of impossibility...
You'll never be able to contain
wind but still...
The feeling of it rushing, escaping
is worth the try.

That is bliss to me...
Thats what being on a cloud
feels like to me
And If i could
I wont ever go back down.

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