Friday, January 4, 2008

Dont add me

January 06, 2007

Dont add me

Before myspace became universally popular
there was friendster...
I remember the way-before days
when my friends nagged me to death
so that i could be a statistic
in their pool of virtual friends.
I remember that when i joined,
i was quite reluctant
seeing the many ill purposes that
some idiot could hatch from the concept.
Nevertheless, i am here,
and have been for quite a few
years now.
I was also quite astonished
at the few assholes who attempted
to add me to their list of friends,
people i barely know,
a-holes i would never ever dare befriend.
And lo and behold, retards abounded
in webspace...that vital law, i forgot.
If they had the shoutout box before,
i would have stated it brief and clear...
"Do not add me, I will never be your friend."
I dont collect virtual people as others do,
Ide rather have someone to chat to in real time
face-to-face, right next to me.
Sooner or later though, i would be weeding
out my friend list again, throwing out the
useless and keeping those dear to me near.
I do not want to be friendless...
I just want a space of my own.

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