Friday, January 4, 2008

Facing unadulterated reality

March 03, 2007

Facing unadulterated reality

In a few days time
i will be graduating...

No, i do not
think i will be
shedding valued tears
this time
instead i will
be left in a corner
mumbling crazily to myself

This is it
I am officially responsible for
my own being now
My parasitic days are over
I need to be independent.
I have broken out of my eggshell
to be like those cute little chicks
that waddle about under a lightbulb.

But I will not waddle
I will walk straight...
run or crawl if i have to
And because i am not
cute either.
I will face unadulterated reality
in its purest most sordid form.

I am me.
I hold my destiny
I control my life.
I am officially free.

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