Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hi5 again

February 06, 2006

hi5 again

my exams
Time Added: 1-31-2005 1:43 AM

my life run by exams

my written revalida exams
wherein i have to write all the information my mind can purge on obstetrics, fundamentals of healthcare and other crappy subjects

my practical revalida exams
wherein i have to demonstrate every damn procedure i ever learned like taking the temperature, suturing somebody elses perineum, dusting, sterile gloving and other crap

my battery exams
wheerein my fate as a future nurse will be determined by the guidance counselor, why them instead of my clinical intructors, hell i know!

my midterm exams
wherein my grade for this crappy period will be determined

my pre-final exams
waste of paper and precious vacant brain cells

my final exams
this is the faculty's way of taunting and torturing us lowly students

my board exams
determines whether i am capable/competent enough to be a licensed midwife.
the exams
Time Added: 1-19-2005 1:37 AM

here comes the paper
here comes teacher
i am filled with terror

my pen blots
my brain drops
i think i flopped

goodbye college
goodbye marriage
ill be in my cage

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