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February 20, 2006


phew - Apr. 29, 2005 at 12:45 AM
wow i think i have lice now
ive been scratching my head
since yesterday
damn dat community exposure

i feel so dirty, i think my clothes
are made of muck
and my skin is loaded with bacteria

not dat im complaining or being icky bout
being exposed to our less fortunate brethren
but please could they just take a bath like
once a day!!!!
it seems they take baths twice a year.
the water source is like wat 3 feet away from their house!!!!

god, i feel so wasted, drained and FILTHY!

mwahahaha - Apr. 24, 2005 at 05:25 AM
and so i have triumphed
after those losers eyed me as a wanna be
i proved them wrong
hell i left them moping up behind me
not only did i pass the damn board exams
i even place 5th
i could not even believe it myself !!!!!
man!!!!!! theyre so gonna be scared now
they will threat me as i ought to be threated way way way before these mongrels ever knew
they better watch out for me...
even those inept idiots that they call teachers
they will learn from me...
i did not waste four years at a cetain university just to be undermined by this morons...
hey, could she please lose that F & P syndrome first before attempting to teach me!!!!
i always get lost lost in her lectures not because im stupid
but because shes the one whose stupid....she should at least learn english before attempting to teach the other students
what will the next generation learn from these morons if they start out early in life with the wrong foundation!!!!
sigh...they should at the least evaluate these people they categorize as academic personnel every semester to weed out the idiots!!!!!
man!!! this feels good! though nobody might be reading it (and if u did send me a msg)...i just feel so relieved.

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