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Hi5 installment

February 27, 2006

hi5 installment

goner - May. 04, 2005 at 06:24 AM
today is the day i died... i think
my pesky teacher d one with the F&P problem
d same teacher who caused me to fall down the stairs
and suffer sprain on both my legs!!!!
cornered me like a cat about to pounce on a mouse
unfortunately im the biggest rodent on
campus literaly and figuratively
im a kapibara (dunno bout the spelling)!

and she asked, uve been getting the lowest scores lately
is der a problem?
Me? problem!!!!!
lady!!!! i will tell you wats d problem!!!!
ur F&P (sfoon and pork!!!) problem bothers me
u syllabicate d wrong way
ur lectures are a complete mess
u dont even understand ur own lectures
and my low test scores are a reflection of the quality of ur teaching!
dat idiot!!!! how dare she!!!!!

maybe she should learn the complete
concept ,
theory and framework
behind the modules that shes teaching
and i told her some dumb excuse that only dumb pipol like her wud understand,
yeah ryt...deep inside i wanted to tear her beetle eyes out
and stamp on them , i wanted to pour brine on her orbital cavities (am i getting to dark)
shes messing wid me dats why
because shes not a good instructor....shes not a good
teacher and i can use words with more dan 5 syllables in a
as ive written before elsewhere...
retention and not rote memorization i(5 syllables see)is the key to
these stupid idiots are just idiots !!!!
idiots categorized as retardated morons.

not all people are the same...i have my own learning methods
just because its different from her fave minions
doenst mean dat im at her level - that of being a retardate!
besides i didnt pass the national board exams wid flying colors
bec of her dumb lectures, its because i studied on my own
and relied on good old instinct and the UP spirit
not this dumb method crap that they teach!!!
note to self:
next time ill write a shorter journal.

now about that brine water on her freshly gouged out
orbital cavities...
brine plus toilet water wud do her brain gud!
sitio bulate - Apr. 30, 2005 at 06:12 AM
Sitio bulate, the place to be
Its the land where wingless worms fly
Where the rabid dogs and the pesky flies
outnumber the human residents

This saturday ill be there with an open dung holder
and a tongue depressor
Ready to catch their helminth infested crap with my gloved hands and shoot it down into the sterile canister using
my valiant sword - the humble tongue depressor

my poor classmates will store this precious fecal matter
in an iced chest and run like hell to the lab
where eggs and proglottids(worm segments) and
gravid uterus' will be counted to determine
which evil worm is causing havoc and
itching damnation to the client

ascaris, pinworms, strongyloides and others galore
species of worms i have to remember
they are all alike to me
spineless parasites like some human beings i know

at least these worms go when they feel theyre not
wanted, especially
when theyre flushed out with mebendazole.

Maybe is should use mebendazole on my pesky enemies
though they wont be flushed out permanently
but they will keep on flushing their toilets eternally
mwahahaha montezumas revenge-diarrhea
here i come!!!!!

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