Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Holiday fever

Holiday Fever
Time Added: 12-29-2004 1:48 AM

Holiday fever
Not the shopping fever
I caught the flu
My head hurts
Actually half of my face is numb
Pusang Grasa, the community cat is meowing her lungs off
I dont know why, probably for her lost kittens
Which some idiot threw away
Speaking of idiots
A family of hapless morons moved in next door
They have kids ...ick...
I hate kids
Especially those who are already aware of their existence
Right now, those kids are banging on cartons
It so noisy i want to throw them over into the well
Sadako could finish them hehehe
Theres no peace when you live in a compund of 7 houses
You just dont get along well
People nose around... may fate cut off the end of their noses
and leave it mangled and misshapen forever.
Thats me in the picture,
my friends poked some flowers in my hair
and made me believe i was a fairy...

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