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August 02, 2006


Ito ay ang kopya ng paper na
isinumite ko para sa Theo 6
tinatalakay dito ang problema
(na si broder lang nagpasimuno)
kung si Mary daw ay ina ni Jesus na tao
o ni Jesus na diyos...
Naisip kaya niya na sa
debate sa religion
walang nananalo?
Is Mary the Mother of only the Man – Jesus or the Divine Jesus.

To ascertain Mary’s role in the life of Jesus,
we have to define motherhood.
Motherhood can be biological, a son or daughter
brought forth through empirical and physical means
is a biological one. Another could be that
of motherhood through nurturing, to exude
motherly characteristics as that of adopting and caring.
In exploring Mary’s role in Christ’s entry
and upbringing in Earth, we find it
necessary to lay down several premises
to tackle the topic. By the nature of every
being alive, a human being must be borne –
must be created, gestated, and delivered
and not sublimate into existence by
mere snap of fingers. Christ must enter
this world as a human being to connect
with us humans; He must be one of us,
so that we could relate to Him. Mary’s role was
to bring Him forth into this world; it laid
credence to the promise that God would send
a Savior to liberate us – His Son.
Christ’s procreation was part of His divinity,
Him being the second entity in the Blessed Trinity.
Mary is indeed the mother of Christ,
His worldly mother, because it is through
her that Christ came to have a corporeal
body just like us, it is through her that He
learned the ways of being human.
Mary was special and privileged because of this;
no other woman (or any other person for that matter)
was given the blessing. As such because
of the divine nature of Christ (and of the
befouling nature of carnal procreation that
would have befallen Him if He was allowed
to be made and born in the “traditional way”),
Mary became the Virgin Mother of Christ,
untainted by Original Sin and the worldliness of the Earth.
In the Bible it has been established that
Mary ascended into heaven just like her
Son (see the Glorious mysteries of the rosary).
This event again separated her from common humans,
she was privileged enough not to undergo
the process of dying (unless the interpretation
is that she indeed died but her soul directly went
to heaven because she was Christ’s mother).
She was a force that Christ always listened to,
just like in the wedding of


Christ was obedient to His mother;
she holds a special place in His heart that
is why when we pray we ask her to intercede.
Christ is commonly believed to be half-human,
half-divine. To assess Mary’s relationship
to Him we must first dissect His nature.
Christ as the Son of God and part of
the Blessed Trinity is God Himself,
therefore being divine comes first before being human.
As humans were created only by God albeit
in His own image and likeness.
Being human is a role Christ had to assume
in His mission to save us all, Mary;
specifically Mary’s body was just a vessel
(her borrowed womb), a way to transform
His divinity into something tangible and
empirical to give credence to His mission
as the Son of God sent for salvation’s sake.
As divinity dictates that humans are inferior
to them it must be then understood that the
woman chosen to be Christ’s vessel must be
special and divine in a minor way thus her being
the Virgin Mary.
Humans being created by God cannot
surpass Him in greatness and omnipotence
thus Mary cannot be technically Christ’s
(the Divine) mother. But being a mother,
it became a requisite that Christ respected her,
as all humans do (as shown in the movie
The Passion of Christ). And it is this reason
exactly that Christ being her son came to
favour Mary because of this relationship.
This is the special bond between Mother
and Child and it was instilled in Him
(thus he favored children).
To be God’s mother is to surpass
God Himself but she is just a human being,
blessed but not exactly divine.


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