Friday, January 4, 2008


December 30, 2006


I have thought of so many things to write

yet, here i am empty of ideas,

devoid of a muse except for the breakfast

that joijoi made.

I wanted to write about my weird dream,

my opinion, my observations but now im torn

between writing and eating.

Perhaps i will start wherever...


My neighbors are a bunch of assholes

they are so damn noisy, i cant hear the whispher-loud

sound from my pirated dvds when i watch'em


I hate kids,

especially noisy nosy braty kids


I love food, joijoi made me an omelette,

hotdog, tomato ensemble.

He carved the tomato into a rose

(he only does that when he feels like it)

The omelette is a tad salty too.


My nose is peculiarly runny during the last two days

im coming down with flu

Oh, the humanity... debilitated on such a

holiday- on new years day nonetheless!


Ive been reading Jonathan strange

and mr. norelle again...

I tell you, the book being 700++ pages long

with its black hardbound cover and raven icon

is very... very... creepy.

I dunno, whenever i read it, i sometimes feel that

somebody is watching me, observing like

the faeries or the raven king that she mentions

Perhaps magic does exist, not only in england,

where the book is set but elsewhere...


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