Tuesday, January 1, 2008


January 25, 2006


I feel like my mind is slowly unravelling

like pieces of an old puzzle

eaten by dust, insects, and time itself.


I do not deem it queer to spend

a whole day, wasting as they say,

on thinking...

for me it is productive.

My feet can only take me so far

while my mind set loose can bring me

to borders of heaven and hell

if not those places themselves.


i find happiness in knowing i can still


Not the thinking that most men do

but the thinking that emanates from

the want of knowledge.


Thinking that is forced, is bereft of meaning

I may not be able to solve academic enigmas

apply critical thinking to equations.

It doesnt appeal to me for i can

reach conclusions and probabilities that

no simpleton's "forced" mind can go


I am free


Because i know that everything is nothing

and yet it is everything because all "matter"

are not what they seem...


Use your mind and senses and you will know

everything is not what they seem.

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