Friday, January 4, 2008

Sariling komposisyon

July 17, 2006


A poem i made in English way back in highschool
then idiotically translated in Filipino today
Sorry baby must put you to sleep
Not with a lullaby, not in a crib
This foul elixir, I do not want to take
But please unborn one, think of your parents state
Tried to find words to express my pain
But only guilt came to mind as I cut your life's chain

Its too late now, the floors all red
Your broken heart amidst all the mess
If you had a voice maybe you'd ask why
Death was not part of the bargain mother
Why did you let me die?
Numerous replies but every single one was a lie.

Idiots translation:

Pasensya na anak kailangan ng mahimbing
wala ni duyan, wala ni banig
ayokong mang gawin, kailangan tuparin

unawain mo ako, unawain mo kami
walang kasing bigat kasing dilim
pero kailangang kitilin

wala na akong makita, ang lahat ay pula
pagtibok ng iyong pusoy marahang humihina na

tanong mo sa akin
"kailangan bang ganito?
Di ko man lang nasulyapan...
naranasan pagkalinga mo..."

Alam ko nagkasala ako.

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