Saturday, January 31, 2009


My butt hurts
and i am unashamed.

I was constipated these past few days
and after much fidgeting
and nearly drowning myself
in water plus taking a concoction
of whatnots I was able to relieve
myself today.

Its my diet.
Im not into fad diets,
its just what I eat.
Im more of a veggie/pasta person
and when I dont get my daily dose of
fiber I get tummy troubles.

But believe me,
Ide rather have diarrhea
than constipation.
Because the discomfort looms
like Death hanging on with my every movement.

I am adamant now to check
my daily intake of water.
I dont drink it.
But I was forced to consume
oceans of it the past few weeks
due to my pestering UTI.

I am now convinced that I
am now officially old and my body
is beginning to yearn for care
and scream for healthy practices.
(No more booze/fags)

I am nearing thirty
the dreaded oops-your-out-of-
calendar-dates moment.

I have yet to be functional in
the reproductive arena,
(i am willing to donate my
ovaries/uterus to my gay friend)

I have yet to be accomplished
So much to do...
my cross-stitch projects
finish reading my books.

And now my body is already
hinting that it has had enough already.

Such a short life we have,
us humans,
Like stars we explode magnificently
into being,
Sparkle with all our might,
and then wane dying with a silent whimper.

1 comment:

  1. yay! ano ung adamant? haha!

    parang nasa table of elements yan,ah. haha!

    o sya,sya. asteeg! :D



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