Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am taking an unofficial
sabbatical from work.
It was unplanned, I
did not even ask for permission,
I just disappeared.

They are not paying me anyway,
I volunteer my services.
I even waste my allowance
at the institution at times.

I do get compensated in
trickles and foodstuff
but really nothing compares to a salary
especially when the whole world
is going into a financial depression.

So I just woke up and said
Fuck it! I wanna stay in bed
and download pirated stuff.
And that's what exactly I did.

I need a break from the
routine and stress;
it seems to me that the paid people
are doing less and less of
their responsibilities
and have come to rely on
us volunteers so much that
they can't accomplish stuff
by themselves on a simple work day.

Aside from that
our community nearly burned down.
The other week, i was shocked to find
my uncle on my door telling me
that there was a fire nearby and not
to get anxious.

Unfortunately that made me more anxious.
As usual i was sleeping, I wanted to slap
myself silly for taking naps on unholy hours
and for that I might have been barbecued to
death with my hamster.

Lady luck smiled on me
because the fire was controlled
by a barrage of firemen from
all over Cavite and Manila.

Yep, it was that bad, our
very own firetruck lasted only
a few minutes before running out of water.

It was chaos!
People were congregating on
the fire vicinity to ogle and
you know - steal stuff.

I also managed to pack my
garbage of belongings into several packs
(up to now they are still packed)

It seems that the fire was caused
by candles.
Fucking candles? At 1pm?
Noontime when the sun was blazing?
Who the hell wanted candles
when the sun was blinding?

Those a-hole drug addicts,
that's why. They should have burned
as well.
The community that was affected
were mostly shanty houses, homes
made of cardboard, rooftops and
what nots.

And now, my hoarded garbage stuff
are being recycled elsewhere.
I am giving some of my stuff away.

Less clutter in my life
and somehow I will be able to
see where I really am.

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  1. nakalimutan ko bigla sasabihin ko. haha! :D

    argh. carried away ako sa word verification: ptules


    anyway, nais kong sabihin na napadala ko na po ang invitation hehe. :D

    yay! :D

    1pm? may kandila? baka may ritual ang mga kulto or something. or baka nagpapack ng mga candies sa plastic packets. hehe.o sya, sya. asteeg (:



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