Sunday, March 1, 2009


My last sane neighbor
has moved on.
They moved back to San Antonio
where they originally came from.
And now we are left with the
neighbors from hell whom I also had
an encounter with.

Everything is quiet now,
a bit dark at night.
The compound still reeks
of dog poo and pee but
Shadow - the wonder dog that
barks at nothing is still doing
his job as a sikyo dog.

Their old jeepney is still
parked near the gate and has been
the dogs shelter ever since.

I am wary of going anywhere now
since the house and the compound can be
accessed by these drugged fools
It makes me a bit paranoid I know.

So whats a gal to do...
I keep myself awake at night.
Vary my routines.
Notice everything even if its just the wind.

We also keep the gates closed at night
but these a-hole students have no manners
and leave the gates to our compound
open all of the time.

I want to hang them upside down on the gate
to teach them a lesson on

And perhaps someday you would read about
me in a tabloid somewhere - the nutty neighbor
who locked everyone up and ate the key.

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