Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Who was really raped?
Conviction in hand,
Nicole the victim almost got her
wish of avenging her dignity
against that boyish US soldier Smith.

But then again our circus of
a government plus their cadre
of 2-faced politicians
prostituted justice for American favor.

Well, now that Nicole has recanted
everything and thrown her lawyer aside
for a US visa, I guess now she is happy.
Smith can go back to his life and
make up for the wasted years with much hatred
towards Filipinos.

I am saddened, disappointed, disgusted.
Because of the turtle-slow flow
of the justice process victims loose hope,
money, and patience in winning their cases.

What a waste...
I think the Philippines was raped
in this issue because again we prostituted
ourselves to these countries; cried foul
and swallowed the shame when paid and told
to shut up.

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