Friday, April 17, 2009


I am now once more addicted
to a social site - facebook.
To be precise its vampire wars
and pet society (game apps) that has
my hands itching all day waiting
to do my finger tap dancing
on the keyboard and the cha cha
on my mouse.

At least its more intuitive and user
friendly than friendster.
Read somewhere that it was once
exclusive for Harvard studes/grads.
Mark Zuckerburg I think created it.

And now after that very short post
of an excuse, im off to facebook land!


  1. at witness ako jan...bad trip lang mabagal kasi ang mga apps na yan sa pc namin eh...ewan kung pc or net and may problema. happy facebook-ing!

  2. hehehe halata na ba na sobrang nagbababad ako sa facebook! hahaha!


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