Saturday, May 2, 2009


Good grief Filipinos!

Get a grip on reality,
Try reading your comments and
realize how insane your musings are!

After reading too many

who will win the
hatton : pacquiao fight, I am still
smirking from how unbelievable
naive these simpletons are.

Hey, i am Filipino with a valid
recently renewed passport even,

but being a kababayan of manny

does not entitle me to bad mouth

ricky hatton or predict that manny
will win just because millions
filipinos are praying for him!

That is just lame.

Why cant they analyze fully?
or at least give an intelligent
based on facts not whims
and fallacies.

Is it because we want to believe
Manny is a demigod who would
beat up all these foreigners who
desecrated the boxing ring
with their
meer presence?

Come to think of it,
on a subliminal level,
is a modern day hero getting
at these 'colonizers' for
ang pillaging the mother land.
In a way we are getting back at them,
even if its just boxing.

But still lambasting the opponent

while inflating the stats of our
champion means shit in the ring
and so will our prayers not unless
god decides
to trip Hatton 9x or
make his hair
fall off on a whim
or loosen his gloves.

Boxing is a bloody contact sport,

fighters prepare for it.
Discipline in training is
the key in winning.

But it is a fight between players not of nations.

But hell yeah manny does appreciate
your shout-outs of support from
every corner in the world except outerspace
(the only place, we dont
have a contingent
of Filipinos ...yet)

Words of support inspire the Pacman
so keep on shouting, keep on
form of support you are doing,
Manny appreciates it.

As for my opinion as much as
i want Manny to win,
the crime rate goes down
he is fighting,
I think
with all the pummeling
and taunting
of Hatton and the
British hooligans,
he might loose
this time around.

We are a nation of hope though,

and I am still hoping that Manny
beat the odds and beat
the guy into submission.

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