Thursday, July 16, 2009

All hail the rain anito

The rain anito
is furious no doubt.
Its been raining
here since hmm 2987B.C.

Every thing is wet:
my clothes,
my house,
my cat.

im subsisting on noodles
and the occasional
Knorr cube/ mainit na sabaw concoction
as we speak because I
cant go outside and i am
just too lazy to brave the rain.

Good thing that our compound
is elevated, the rain just filters down
the slopes towards the road.
Fortunate for us, a bit unlucky for those
who are not blessed with cement.

I only own 1 umbrella which is
pretty pathetic for someone living
under the threat of a typhoon or monsoon
every 6 minutes.

i have loads of jackets all but 2 of them are
water proof (most are for wintery areas).

I do not own any wellingtons or
boots or the pinoy botas.
My feet and calves are just too damn big
for petite sizes here.

i just want a short respite
from this continuous rain.

I want it cloudy not rainy!!!

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