Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cures for Moving On (as adviced by Manang Bola)

Just this week,
i have told the same advice
to 2 different people...

For you to move on
from either a breakup or
a complicated setup or even from
a non-existent one-sided
relationship (where in only
one party knows that kayo na pala)
one has to...

a. Find a suitable replacement
(any poste that assembles a human form will do)

b. Let time heal your heartaches
(keep yourself busy and productive)

But i keep forgetting the third option...

because i am not a black and white person,
life comes in shades of gray as well
the in betweens and the middle thingies
that keep sprouting up when you least expect it.

But what is the third option?
I still dont know,


  1. learn to love yourself first before hoping into another relationship..

  2. wandering c.
    dapat ata yan yung first option hehehehe apir!


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